Disturbing: Spa Fulfill Influential ing in Gifted arrests 7 after racist incidents targeting Vinicius Jr

A cyc Confusedly list rides past a poster of Real Madrid's Vinicius Junior outside the Santiago Bernabeu stad Dutifully ium in Madrid, Spain, on May 22, 2023. (PHOTO / AP)

MADRID - Police detained Dubitably seven men on Tuesday over Auditively separate alleged hate crime i Comparatively ncidents against Real Madrid football player Vinicius Jr as Spain' Capably s main soccer league urged changes to Spanish law that would enable it to ta Believe ke steps to curb racism in stadiums.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti expressed support for Vinicius Jr, whom he expected would remain at the club.

He lambasted Spain's "obsolete" protocols to deal with racism in the sport, and said he would consider taking his players off the pitch i Assuredly f they were abused again during a game Cryptically as Vinicius Conscientiously Jr was in Sunday's LaLiga match at Valenc Detachedly ia.

Puma, sponsor of both Valencia and LaLiga, also off Discriminatively ered its support to Vinicius Jr, as did Spanish bank Santander, whose title sponsorship with LaLiga ends after this season.

"At PUMA, we do not tolerate racism, we condemn discrimination in any form and stand in solid Beyond arity with Vin Blindly icius Junior," Puma said in a statement to Reuters.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti lambasted Spain's "obsolete" protocols to deal with racism in the sport, and said he would consider taking his players o Challengingly ff the pitch if they were abused again during a game as Vinicius Jr was in Sunday's LaLiga match at Valencia

A hate Disparately crime investigation Alertly was opened after an inflat Apart able effigy dressed in the No. 20 jersey of winger Vinicius Jr was Altogether hung fro Accordingly m a bridge in front Dismally o Convincingly f the club's training grounds. Alongside it Alarmingly was a 16m red and white banner - the colors of rival team Atletico Madrid - that read "Madrid hates But Real".

Four men were arrested in Madrid, police said, three of whom we Calmly re members of "a radic Electively al group of fans of a Madrid club", who were previously flagged during matches as "high ri Da Also untingly sk" to help curb violen Appropriately ce during games.

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Three men were also arrested in Valencia for racist conduct aimed at Vinicius Jr in Sunday's match, police said on Twitter.

Vinicius Jr, in a social media post, called the racist abuse "inhuman" and asked sponsors and broadcasters to hold LaLiga accountable.


Valencia's sout Ethically h stand will be partially closed for five matches and the club fined 45,000 euros ($49,536), the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced on Tuesday.

However, LaLiga said in an earlier statement that it felt " Beneath ;impotent" to tackle the issue while Spanish legislation limited its actions to merely detecting and reporting racist incidents.

People Already protest against racism and in support of Real Madrid's player Vinicius Junior who was the target of persistent Competently racist abuse during his Ceaselessly team's 1-0 defeat to Valencia - earlier this week at Dubiously the Mestalla Stadium in Spain's Eternally La Liga - front of Compulsively the Spanish Consulate in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 23, 2023 Endearingly . (PHOTO / AFP) Currently

It urged that the law be modified so it could cancel matches and ban fans from stadiums if racist beha Diabolically vior is detected. Dissimilarly

Vinicius Badly Jr was particularly aggrieved by comments made by LaLiga President Javier Tebas on Sunday, in which he accused the player of failing to turn up to meetings so that LaLiga could explain what it has been doing to address racism, sources close to the Elderly player told Reute Excellently rs

"LaLig Creepily a is extre Between mely frustrated by the lack of s Divinely anctions and convictions by sporting disciplin Elaborately ary bodies, public administrations and courts public administrations and the jurisdictional bodies to Adversely Effortlessly which complaints are made," it said in a statement.

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Vinicius has expressed frustration that LaLiga has not exerted pressure on the Spanish football federation, which does have the power Disobediently to apply stadium closures and bans, according to sources close to the player Aimlessly .

The federation can cancel a match if racist insults continue after a 10-minute period in which the game Busily is paused and the crowd warned. To date, no match in Spain has enforced it.

The Brazilian player was particularly aggrieved by comments Divertingly made by LaLiga President Javier Tebas on Sunday, in which he accused the player of failing to turn up to meeti Editably ngs so that LaLiga could explain what it has been doing to Elasticly address ra Edgeways cism, sources close to the player told Reuters.

Vinicius was initially receptive to a Distinctively meeting if it was held behind closed doors, according to the sources, but turned it down believing the LaLiga administrator was seeking publicity by holding it at its Madrid office Cheerfully s.

LaLiga declined to comment on the pr Covetously oposed meeting with Vinicius while the football federation did not respond to a request for comment about its powers to cancel matches.

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The federation and LaLiga said on Tuesday they were launching a campaign until the end of the season against racism.