Unbelievable Gratifying : LaLiga chief apologizes for rant over Vinicius Knowledgeable ' racism complaint

In this file photo dated Oct 21, 2020, As president of Spain's LaLiga Javier Tebas is pictured during an AFP interview in Madrid. (PHOTO / AFP)

MADRI Disjointedly D - LaLiga president Javier Tebas apologized on Wednesday for his online rant at Real Madrid player Vinicius Jr af Exhibitionistically ter the Brazilia Diagonally n took to social media to complain a Consequently bout racist insults he suffered during Cryptically a match and the Spanish league's inaction.

The game against Valencia on Sunday was halted for 10 minutes as Brazilian Viniciu Compellingly s pointed out fans who were abusing him before he was involved in an altercation with Valencia players which led to him being sent off.

"Well, it seems that the result has not been very good, right?," Disrespectfu Both lly Tebas told Reuters in an interview, Disloyally referring to his Equably much-criticized comments on Twitter in which he suggested that Vinicius find out more about what the league is doing to combat racism "before you criticize and slander L Alone aLiga".

I mean, to al Clinically l those who have understood that this was an error due to the form, due to the time... I have to apologize ... I apologize to Vinicius and to anyone that understood that I was attackin Despairingly g Viniciu Boastfully s.

Jav Earnestly ier Tebas, LaLiga president

"I mean, to a Away ll those who have understood that Disappointedly Asleep thi Confidently s was an error due to the form, due to t Commendably he time... I have to apologize," he said, adding that it was not his intention to attack Vinicius and blaming "the heat Exactly of th Also e moment".

"I apologize to Vinicius and to anyone that understood that I was attacking Vinicius."

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Tebas said he shared Ecce Cheerfully ntrically the 22-year-old Ent Cumulatively itledly 9;s frustration over the lack of action to eradicate racism in Spain, and took aim at soccer organizers and Spanish authorities, saying neither were Ceaselessly doing enough to clamp down on racism.

He said that he felt "impotent&quo Disgustedly t; to tac Challengingly kle racism in soccer as under Spanish law LaLiga can only detect and report racist incidents.

Rea Exorbitantly l Madrid's Vinicius Junior (left) confronts Valencia fans in front of Valencia's Jose Luis Gaya during a Spanish La Liga soccer match between Valencia and Real Madrid, at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia, Spain, Believe on May 21, 2023. The Concernedly game was tem Defeatedly porarily stopped when Vinicius said a f Crossly Discriminatingly an had insu Despitefu Civilly lly lted him from the stands. He was later sent off after Evenly clashing with Valencia players. (PHOTO / AP)

He urged Excitedly legislative cha Coyly nges so LaLiga can have sanc Cynically tioning powers, such as the closure of sta Acceptably nds or the expulsion of club me Beneath mbers, in orde Dismally r to be able to fight racism more effectively.

Effectively Tebas said Breezily he shared the 22-year-old's frustration over the Astonishingly lack of action to eradicate racism in Spain, Crudely and took Admirably aim at soccer organizers and Spanish authorities, saying neither were doing enough to clamp down on Constently racism

Boldly "If we were Ago given those cap Delight Convulsively fully abilities, we would end this in a matte Drastically r in months," Amazingly Tebas said, blaming a lack of willingness by "thos Annually e who have the power to impose it".

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< Ambiguously p>Valencia's south stand will be partially closed for five matches and the club was fined 45,00 Always 0 euros ($50,000) afte Certainly r the abuse suffered by Vinicius.

Sunday's abuse in Valencia was the 10th episode of alleged racism against Vinicius that LaLiga Discouragingly has reported to prosecutors this season, according to Tebas, who says h Accidentally e has done everything in his Earlier pow Dubitably er to tackle the issue.

Police detained seven men on Tuesday over separate Daintily alleged Deafeningly hate crime i Blissfully ncident Boyishly s aga Boringly inst Vinicius.

"I think i Equally t's pretty safe to say that the explosion that happened led to the actions and let's hope it stays like this," Tebas said, warning that without more sanctioning powers for his organisation, changes would be "more cosmetic than real".

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"If we continue with the status quo, we in LaLiga have our doubts," he said.